Suzi gets on her bike to raise St John’s Cathedral funds

30 August 2021

St John’s Cathedral architect Suzi Pendlebury will be among hundreds raising money for their own church and the Norfolk Churches Trust in the annual sponsored Bike Ride on Saturday September 11.

Suzi is also the architect at St. Mary's Church, Great Yarmouth who has done so much for us recently and is continuing to make applications on our behalf to make St. Mary's Church a safer place in the future. Please sponsor Suzi for this very worthwhile cause.

Organisers are urging people to cycle, walk or even drive to as many Norfolk churches as possible on Saturday September 11, in order to raise funds for their church.  You can register for the Bike Ride online as well as see a Church and Chapel Open List which will be kept updated.

“Last year the Bike Ride exceeded all possible expectations and produced a record-breaking result. An extraordinary total of £174,382 was raised by 831 participants. This represented an amazing increase of around £80,000 on the previous year and a 45% increase in people taking part. The number of places of worship receiving cheques increased from 293 to 331.
“This is a fantastic way to raise money for your church when many fundraising activities have been lost or curtailed this year and the success of this event is largely down to lots of people making small contributions which add up to a large amount of money to help save our iconic and historic Norfolk churches,” said Charles.

St John’s architect Suzi Pendlebury knows just how much money it takes to keep the Cathedral in great shape and she will be aiming to raise funds by getting her bike out.

“My practice cycling is ongoing – I have my route planned out and realise that I am trying 30 churches – if I don’t stop and look at the architecture it may be possible! Many thanks to everyone who has sponsored so far… I am very excited about this!”

To sponsor Suzi visit:

Participants can raise funds either by using JustGiving, or collecting sponsorship directly. Full details are on the Norfolk Churches Trust website.

Pictured above is St John’s Cathedral architect Suzi Pendlebury with her bike in the cathedral gardens.

Credit: Diocesan website for East Anglia

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