Project Wishlist

Our project wishlist is as you would expect just a bit on the BIG side if we are intending to get all our work done at the first time of asking, around £1.5 million. However, we are setting out with works that must be a priority for St. Mary's Church in the hope that we have achievable goals to reach and get the next thing on the list done.

The prices we are listing are all exclusive of VAT that must be paid. The prices are an estimate of the likely costs but would also exclude the likes of where a full breakdown and analysis would be required. Drawings, schedule of works and specification would also need to be done and subject to more detailed surveys, market conditions , inflation etc. In other words, these figures are here as a guide to possible costs. Of course the more work we can do at the same time, the cheaper the project becomes, the quicker we get finished.

ItemEx Vat Price
Gutter and drains clearance to get the water away from the church.£3,650
East Sacristy - New roof with localised repairs£62,500
North Aisle Roof -
New Welsh slate roof with localised repairs
South Aisle Roof -
New Welsh slate roof with localised repairs
Nave Roof -
New Welsh slate roof with localised repairs
Running total£546,150
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