Sponsor a Slate


We are offering everyone the opportunity to 'Sponsor a Slate' for St Mary's Roof.

As a parish, we will have to pay as part of our contribution to having a new roof, around £125,000.00.
We would like you to Sponsor a Slate and leave a message that will be written in white permanent marker pen and placed on the roof. Your slate and message will be put into the form of a digital book and also made available online for future generations to examine.

Already, Bishop Alan Hopes, the Bishop of East Anglia has sponsored 10 slates and would like to encourage people from near and far away to be a part of St. Mary's history. Please share this with as many people in as many countries as you can.

Already there are some wonderful messages being submitted, please be a part of it and join in by clicking the QR code below, Scan the QR code with a smart phone or complete a form at St Mary's Church, The cost of the slates are £10.00 each. Every penny counts, Thank you.

Click here to sponsor a Slate

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