Parish Giving and Donations

The QR Codes we use and what they are for.

We are using QR Codes to allow everyone who wishes to make their offertory, make a donation or light a candle a very easy experience.
Please consider using this safe method of payment for your donation.

Weekly Offering

If you would rather pay your weekly offering regularly and would like to use an online method to do so, please use our QR Code to make your weekly collection offertory.

By making your your donation this way you can also authorise Gift Aid with your donation.

Donations to our 
Fundraising appeal

Having just had a partial new roof fitted to St. Mary's Church, we now need to raise in the region of £40,000 just to pay our portion of cost for the new roof. If you are minded to donate, please use the QR Code here to make your donation.

Any donations you can make to this appeal will be most welcome. Your donation can be increased at no cost to you by ensuring that you authorise the Gift Aid when you make your donation.

St. Mary's Candle Project

We would like you to make a donation to Light a Candle to save our Church.
Saint Killian's Candles have donated candles to help raise funds for the contribution to the current project at £37,150

For every £1 donated, we will light a Candle on your behalf. (Yes, if you pay £5 we will light 5 candles for you)
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