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The St. Vincent De Paul Society (SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing practical assistance to people in need, irrespective of ideology, faith, ethnicity, age or gender.

The Conference at St. Mary's is small, and normally we would have a meeting once a week or fortnightly. The meetings start with prayers, and then we would report on any visits or assistance given in the past weeks, and then discuss and decide on future visits and help that may be needed.

The majority of our visits are to the elderly, housebound, lonely and sick, in their own homes or care homes.  We help with transport to hospital or doctors’ appointments, and sometimes with shopping.

In previous years, we were able to organise monthly outings, using a minibus from Centre 81 and private cars, to a local restaurant for many of the housebound and lonely of the parish and have a party at Christmas.

We also provide limited financial help to people who are struggling to make ends meet. During the pandemic, we have not been able to have any meetings, nor could we visit people in their own homes, care homes or hospital. We have kept in contact by telephone and via the parish newsletter delivered to those unable to access it.

We do hope we will be able to resume our usual work sometime later on in the year and would always welcome new members. If anyone is interested in joining us, or is in need of any help or assistance, we can be contacted on or speak to one of our priests.

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