St. Mary's Church written about in new book.


"St. Mary's Church Takes Center Stage in Elena Curti's Latest Book: 'Another Fifty Catholic Churches to Visit Before You Die'"

Hard on the heels of Elena Curti's popular first volume exploring the architectural wonders of the Catholic Church comes a second selection that is every bit as exciting. This time thirteen cathedrals are among the fifty churches highlighted in this beautifully-illustrated guide. Each entry includes other fascinating buildings in the area that are 'worth a detour'.

The variety and ingenuity of this precious heritage cannot fail to impress: from the Byzantine splendour of Westminster Cathedral to the daring modernism of the mother church of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. There are humble places where martyrs celebrated Mass in penal times and classical churches served by the first priests trained in England after the Reformation. In the wilds of North Yorkshire a modern grand design gives glory to God.

Every entry a testament to the fervour and courage of old Catholic families, Victorian converts, poor Irish migrants, and priests who drove ambitious building projects against the odds.

The book is available from Amazon and other good retailers. If you are minded to purchase online, please register with Easyfundraising here  and buy your book. Amazon will make a donation to St. Mary's Church.

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