Confirmations with Bishop Alan at St Mary's

12 April 2021

The Bishop of East Anglia, Rt Rev Alan Hopes, came to St Mary's Great Yarmouth to Confirm 8 Candidates.

With COVID-19 bringing a halt to everything in the Church in 2020, there have been no Confirmations at St, Mary's, Great Yarmouth taking place.

The Rt Rev Bishop Alan Hopes, Bishop of East Anglia attended St, Mary's Church on the 12 April 2021 to Confirm 8 Candidates. The Bishop welcomed the candidates to "Full Membership" of the Church and hoped that they would all in turn promise their lives to Jesus as he has already done that for them.

The Bishop also said he was pleased to be back in St. Mary's Church again and was glad to see all the work that had been done with the repairs to the roof. He was also glad that St. Peter's Church in Gorleston were on the verge of having their new windows installed. Thanks were conveyed to everyone who had helped to secure the Churches for another 100 years or more.

Members of the congregation said they were so pleased to see the Church starting to creep back to a bit of normality and cannot wait until the restrictions are lifted to allow us all to get a parish life going again.

Photographs of the Mass can be viewed here

The mass was streamed live for people who wished to watch it

The Mass will be live streamed here.

Pictured above is Bishop Alan Hopes, Picture by Brian Lafferty.

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